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There are various levels of participation in our team and programs. Certain levels provide additional benefits such as eligibility to attend regional and national competitions. These levels are set up similarly to levels on a sports team.

Letter in Robotics

What is Lettering?

Lettering is receiving an award for exceptional effort, participation, and achievement in an extracurricular at Valley High School. ICE Robotics participates in the Lettering program and awards letters to qualifying members during the given year of criteria demonstration.

How do I Letter in Robotics?

ICE Robotics has specific requirements to receive a letter in Robotics at Valley High School (other members attending a different school may additionally qualify to receive a letter). By meeting the criteria to become a Varsity Team Member or Junior Varsity (JV) Team Member, you are automatically qualified for receiving a letter. To see the expectations and benefits for both types of membership, please view the list of links below.

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